Cancelling your subscription

We hope that you enjoy using NodeBeagle and won’t need to cancel your subscription. If you do want to cancel, we’ve got you covered.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not require any notice period, however all cancellations are subject to the below actions and policies. Should you wish to discuss your plan or cancellation, please raise a ticket prior to cancelling.

You manage your subscription in the Billing tab of My Account. Here you have two options for cancelling:

Disable auto-renewal

We bill all subscriptions monthly on the date they were originally created (or the date the free trial lapsed. Each month’s invoice includes the previous month’s usage of hourly-billing devices, and the next month’s fixed fee for monthly-billing devices.

By disabling auto-renewal, your service and devices will remain the same (i.e. active) until the end of the month. This allows you the full month’s service you have paid for (on monthly-billing devices.)

Hourly-billing devices will still accrue charges until the end of the subscription. To prevent this, delete the hourly-billed devices.

At the next renewal, we will:

Cancel subscription

Choosing to cancel your subscription (and not just disabling auto-renewal) will process the cancellation the same day.

With this option, you choose to forfeit any unused time on monthly-billing devices that are part-way through the month.




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