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How the billing process works

NodeBeagle offers two service levels for your devices that offer different functionality and reporting: Standard and Pro.

Each device can have its own service level - known as its plan. The cost for each plan can be calculated either hourly or monthly.

Learn about the differences of each plan and billing interval on the “Which to choose” page.

Hourly Billing

Devices on an hourly plan (here-after called hourly-billing devices) accumulate a cost for every hour they exist on your account. You don’t pay any fee upfront. We will bill the costs incurred on your subscription's renewal date on the following month - i.e. it is billed in arrears.

If you cancel your subscription before the renewal date, any incurred usage will be charged immediately.

Monthly Billing

Devices on a monthly plan (here-after called monthly-billing devices) are charged a fixed fee upfront on the renewal date of your subscription. This is a monthly commitment, so the fee is the same whether they exist on your account for 1 hour, 15 days or the entire month.

When adding a new monthly-billing device onto an existing subscription, you pay a pro-rated fee for the first month - from the day you sign up until your next renewal date. NodeBeagle will tell you the cost of the pro-rated fee will be before you add the device and it will be billed immediately.

If you cancel a monthly-billing device part-way through a month, you will not receive a refund. You can choose to cancel a device at the end of the current billing period to allow you to use the full service paid for, or to cancel it immediately and forfeit any unused service.