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Which plan to choose: Standard or Pro?

NodeBeagle offers a choice of two service levels (known as plans) to manage your devices: Standard or Pro.

Each plan offers differing functionality and reporting capabilities. Which should you choose?

We recommend the Standard plan for workstations and laptops, or servers that are used for development or testing environments.

We recommend the Pro plan for production or staging servers, or any other device that provides public, Internet-facing services, such as web or mail servers.

The differences between each plan are described in the table below.

Feature Standard Pro
Collect top-level statistics (CPU, memory, disk stats) Yes Yes
Run remote commands Yes Yes
Install, upgrade and remove packages remotely Yes Yes
Configure resource alerts (e.g. high CPU usage, low disk space) (coming soon) Yes Yes
Collect deep statistics (process-level) (coming soon) No Yes
Collect statistics from external applications (e.g. Apache, MySQL) (coming soon) No Yes
Check-in (ping) interval 1 minute 1 minute
Command execution interval 1 minute 1 minute
Data collection interval 5 minutes 1 minute
Data retention period 90 days 1 year
Alert notification methods (coming soon) E-mail, SMS E-mail, SMS, Twitter DM
Reporting granularity (coming soon) Device Process