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How timezones work in Simply Remind Me

Timezones are complicated. Simply Remind Me aims to use them in the most simple way possible.

When you first register for an account, Simply Remind Me will prompt you to confirm your timezone. We provide you with a list of zones that our systems understand. Simply pick the one that closest matches your location.

Reminders will always get to you at the time you request them - irrespective of your timezone.

For example: you are in the UK and set a reminder at 8am. You fly out to Sydney, Australia and change your timezone accordingly. You probably still want your reminder at 8am, not at 6pm!

It is important that you keep your timezone up-to-date, as we use it to calculate what time our servers need to send your reminder to ensure it reaches you at the desired time.

Actions that you or Simply Remind Me carry out (such as completing a task, sending you a reminder) are always calculated and displayed in your local time, because they are at a point in time.

For example: you complete a task at 8:29am when you are in the UK. You fly out to a New York, USA and change your timezone accordingly. That same task will now show as being marked as completed at 3:29am - because it was 3:29am in the USA when you marked it as completed.