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Version 3.2.0

Released On
5th June 2022

New Features

Voice Call Reminders

Simply Remind Me now uses ClickSend as its SMS gateway. This opens up our options for sending reminders significantly.

The first new feature we have added based on our new relationship with ClickSend is Voice Call Reminders. Simply Remind Me can now call you at a date and time that is most convenient to you.

Simply choose the "voice call" option when setting up a new reminder:


You will then see options to customise the voice used to read your reminder out over the call:



Postmark API

Simply Remind Me now uses the Postmark API to send any transactional e-mails.

This change improves the performance of Simply Remind Me when you perform an action that sends an e-mail - such as requesting a password reset, or signing up for a new account.

This also allows us to amend the content of any e-mail that Simply Remind Me sends directly within Postmark without requiring an update to Simply Remind Me.


Simply Remind Me now uses ClickSend as its gateway for sending SMS reminders.

This is a significant change over our previous provider that in some cases, results in lower costs to send your SMS reminders.

For example: a 200-character reminder text message sent to Ireland would have previously cost you 3 credits.  It now only costs you 2 credits.

It also allows us to revert back to using REMINDER as the originator (from number/name) for SMS reminders, which we had to stop using due to issues with our previous SMS gateway.